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We use Influance and CHI Products.


First Impressions

We use Influance products on our Mult-cultural clients. "First Impressions, Lasting results" for your hair needs.

Lasting results

Lasting results" for your hair needs. 

Trissola True

Trissola True (reduced methylene glycol formula)From curly, frizzy and dull to straight, smooth & shiny in 90 mins.

We now use environmentally friendly, ammonia free haircolor. Safe for all haircoloring services.

How does it compare to other “full-service” Brazilian smoothing brands?

More flexible to match your client’s wishes:

85% curl reduction for better styleability OR...

Just as straight with a few more iron passes.

Similar procedures/technique

Wash and style the same day

Lasts up to 6 months

75% reduction of methylene glycol (formaldehyde)